Equipment manufacturing
As the first company that designs and manufactures equipment for building industrialization in China, Matechstone is committed to the R&D, design, production and installation of modern equipment for the construction industry. In addition to the complete-set equipment of PC factory, Matechstone also provides the most practical information management solution for PC production lines in China, which improves the productivity of PC factories, reduces costs, and empowers PC factories to become truly smart factories.
With professional R&D capacity, advanced lean manufacturing capacity, excellent operation and management team, Matechstone closely follows the trend and promotes the comprehensive innovation and sustainable development of equipment for building industrialization during the upgrade and development of construction industry in China.
Product features
/ Concrete feeding system /
Turning radius of 3m, safe high speed at 100m/min
Through rotating the drum opening location, the high-speed drum feeder developed by Matechstone is able to pick and discharge materials. Compared with the traditional bucket-type feeder, it can ensure completely dripping pollution free of concrete within drum during the transportation to create conditions for realizing dust-free plant. Matechstone developed the mechanical turning structure of the railcar in an innovative way to reduce the rail turning radius of feeders from 8m to 3m, thus greatly improving the flexibility and safety of the plant layout and achieving high speed turning without deceleration and the turning speed as high as 100 m /min. It’s superior to its foreign counterpart and greatly improves the turnover efficiency of concrete.
/ Concrete spreader /
Capacity and uniformity determine capacity
Matechstone, in light of actual production of domestic PC plants, changed the traditional 2m³8-door concrete spreader to 4m³ 12-door concrete spreader with high capacity and wide opening, which can complete the pouring of multiple components with one picking and complete pouring at one time for ultra-wide components(with width larger than 3m). Unlike traditional concrete spreader, it requires no reciprocated pouring, which greatly improves production efficiency. Spreading system spreads with high-powered star wheel specific to Matechstone, which features advantages of fewer material stuck, uniform and fast spreading, adjustable spreading speed frequency. The positioning system of this type of spreader adopts laser positioning, which can input parameters through the touch screen and travel automatically to complete the spreading. Spreading can also be operated manually through remote control, which is flexible in operation and reliable in accuracy.
/ Compacting equipment /
Coordination of effective vibration and lower noise
With the frequency control of high-speed vibration motor from Germany, the compacting equipment of Matechstone adopts electromagnetic clamping system (optional) and boasts good vibration effect and low noise. It can lower the noise of 110 decibels from traditional vibration motor to within 100 decibels.
/ Production pallet /
The selection of pallet directly affects cost and quality
As the most direct production tool, the production pallet directly affects cost and quality with its accuracy, strength, impact resistance and durability. The production pallet of the company is characterized by high precision, high strength and good impact resistance.
/ Side shifter /
Flexible, safe and efficient operation
1. Traveling speed of 5-20m/ min, servo control; lifting speed: 5mm-8mm/ s;
2. Hydraulic cylinders of two side shifters are lifted synchronously; the traveling process of the two side shifters is kept synchronized (servo control) with errors not exceeding 3mm;
3. Eliminate accumulated errors automatically;
4. Pallet status and location and side shifter status and location are interlocked and protected;
5. When traveling, the head of pusher is provided with a safety protection interlock device;
6. Delayed launch and sound and light alarm function are provided;
7. Servo motors and ground hydraulic anchor bolts are used for joint positioning with positioning accuracy of less than 3mm.
/ Pre-curing chamber /
Effective pre-curing to improve quality and productivity
Effective pre-curing is required for the improvement in components quality and productivity. With rich construction experience, Matechstone can provide the most cost-effective products as required by customers.
/ Pallet stacker /
Synchromesh gear lifting is more stable, faster and more accurate
1. High locating mechanism of erector layer: Encoder and polarized photoelectric reflection switch are applied for joint positioning to ensure no bunt and interference and avoid shaking of engine body when locating pins access locating slots. Positioning accuracy (height difference between the supporting wheel in the chamber and the supporting wheel of the pallet pallet stacker) is not more than 2mm;
2. Chamber door switch and chamber access: Chain wheel mechanical door mechanism is under automatic control to ensure accurate access location of opening pin and avoid damage to the equipment. Door opening stroke: not less than 1m (matching the layer height of curing chamber);
3. Pallet feed mechanism: ensure no vibration when pallet accesses chamber; load capacity of not less than 30T; lateral traveling speed of 0-18m / min, lifting speed of 0-10m / min, chamber access speed of 0-10m/ min with adjustable variable frequency; able to realize manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic operation; equipped with complete safety interlock function (whether manual or automatic) between traveling, lifting, door opening and closing, chamber access, etc.
4. Others: safe interlocking is realized for working conditions of pallet pallet stacker and chamber access station of production lines; sound and light alarm devices are provided during equipment operation; the takt is ≤ 12min (the chamber position with the longest traveling distance shall prevail); with LCD visual panel, complete and concise operating platform, dynamic analog screen and camera screen are used to compare the operating status monitoring so as to achieve the purpose of timely reflecting the equipment operating conditions.
/ Curing chamber /
Production capacity is originated from reasonable number of positions and precise temperature and humidity control
The curing chamber of Matechstone currently boasts the top market occupation rate in the domestic market with the most abundant design, production and debugging experience in China.
1. Change the traditional 42-cell small storage capacity of European products to 100 to 150-cell storage capacity, so as to change the single-shift storage capacity to three-shift storage capacity to trade curing time with curing space, thus greatly enhancing the equipment utilization efficiency;
2. Change the single and direct-contact compulsive curing of steam and components to co-heating of heat exchanger in cooperation with air coiler of air energy heat pump so as to avoid dripping and peeling of components surface and avoid slow growth in strength after ex-warehousing and lower the heat consumption rate for curing from 700KW to 160KW, save energy consumption of 77% and reduce the heat curing cost for components per cubic meter from 55-60 yuan to 12-14 yuan. In this way, the industrial concept of “easy manufacturing and hard curing” of PC components is subverted.
3. Change the outside loop of heating steam to the internal loop of hot air to improve on-site operating environment and reduce the downtime for curing.
4. Adopt imported steam valve proportion to control the amount of steam, realize separate temperature and humidity control in separate warehouses and keep the error smaller than ± 4 ° C.
5. Adopt pile foundation-free design to save civil construction costs and solve the problem of uneven settlement during use for customers.
/ Tilting equipment /
Stability and accuracy determine safety and efficiency
Tilting equipments can effectively improve the ejection efficiency and the one-time yield rate of components, which is the key to ejection efficiency. Matechstone adopts a shunt motor to control the erecting cylinder; the erecting is stable with error rate smaller than 1.5%.
/ Run-off carriage /
Wireless positioning, full-automatic rail change and turning, which is safe and efficient
With wireless positioning and lithium battery power, the finished product run-off carriage of Matechstone is able to realize heavy-load full-automatic in-situ 90 °rail change and turning and realize multi-car operation under the coordination of the car dispatching system. Mainly used for the transfer of finished components in the factory area, the vehicle runs on the fixed rail and boasts advantages of flexible rail arrangement, high safety, flexible operation, no exhaust gas generation, and low operating costs. It’s a better choice than traditional large forklifts, rail cars and trucks and other transfer ways.
/ Battery mould /
Customized manufacturing, rich experience and reliable quality
Various pallets and moulds such as stair mould, wallboard mould and buried pipe gallery mould of different parameters can be customized as needed by customers. Our company has rich experience in manufacturing pallet with reliable quality and short delivery time.

Equipment manufacturing performance

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